Saturday, 16 May 2020

Come Home Isla

Those of you following on Facebook will know that we haven't seen Isla since Wednesday - I really thought she would be there this morning, but there is no sign of her. I hope she is just locked in somewhere but I now can't help but fear the worst. In 25 years of living here we have never had a cat go missing, it's as safe as anywhere can be. I've message everyone local to me and posted on my Facebook page as well as on the village page.
Isla is not the type of cat to panic at strangers around the place, only Perry would have stayed hidden in his tunnel the last few days. But she's no Jamie either and would not have come out to socialise had she been here .. she would not go into a car, or sit in front of it like Jamie would ... but anyway our visitors came on Thursday, we have not seen her since Wednesday. Where are you Isla? Please come home.


Lin said...

This is so worrying and just hope Isla comes home soon safe and sound x

netta said...

oh I'm so sorry such a worry, and on top of the upset of your pups going too. So hard to go searching for a long haired black cat too they just blend into the undergrowth. Ihope you find her soon