Monday, 11 May 2020

What Did I Do?

The pups are going on for 8 weeks old yet one "friend" has chosen to ignore the fact they are even here. Not one comment or like on one single photo and for the life of me I don't really know why. She is usually a person who "joins in" with my life but she is becoming more and more distant. People around me are telling me to ignore it, forget her but when I care for someone, when I consider them a friend it's not that easy to switch off, I don't easily brush people aside. I suppose if I knew the reason for the indifference then it would make sense, but when I've asked or tried to make communication then i'm given the cold shoulder. At least I know why the green eyed monster is pissed with me .. here I haven't a clue.
Yes I am upset, I don't deny it. I try and treat other as I would like to be treated myself. Having this litter has meant so much to me and sharing it with friends adds to the excitement ... ah well her loss.


Unknown said...

Sadly there are some very jealous people out there and often when you think you know and trust someone they then surprise you, yes its happened to me too. Hold your head high and keep smiling. Y.

Lin said...

It's such a shame this is happening and for no reason , I just can't understand her and I know you have tried your best x