Friday, 1 May 2020

Decision Made?

People have presumed from the cuddling photos that I've made a decision to keep Fudge, but I cuddle all the puppies it just happened those cuddles got caught on camera! To be honest, I am leaning towards him more and more but I'm still not ready to make a commitment, it's still subject to change this week.
The discussions re Biscuit continue with Katrina phoning me last night to say she really thinks he's a S/C ... then I showed her the photo I took yesterday evening, she too agreed that in that photo he looks more LSH. My baby boy is enjoying confusing us all! I looked up the cost of a coat test on Animal Genetics - £45. Hmm a thought I suppose, but really does it matter? Well if I keep him then no, and as long as prospective buyers are aware of the coat confusion then no it shouldn't matter there either should it? No one has been adamant that they don't want a LSH, if they were then they would need to think again wouldn't they?
Last night we started making plans for their departures, I must admit my heart sank as I realised that 4 of them would be going on the 14th ... wow ... that sure will be an emotional day. It's so hard to let them go at the best of times, this time it will be even harder!

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