Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Planning Ahead

 "Mummy says I'm gonna live with her - cool yeah!"
Mummy, Me and Big Sis Kaiah!

It's hard to believe that in a weeks time I'll be preparing to say goodbye to the little guys. Four will be leaving on the 14th and by the Sunday evening there will only be Orin left. Taking that into account I decided to start giving him 20 mins here and there with the adults. Ross was totally disinterested in him, Asha and Ziva said hi but got on with life, Kaiah showed too much interest and Sammi was a tad possessive, well fair play he is her son. 
So what happens next? Where can we take him to socialise, dog club is closed, the pubs are closed .. and I can't even visit my parents! I guess I'll have to ask friends for yet more help, and maybe by then I can sit in my parents back yard at a safe distance from them and let him run riot. Hopefully Pets At Home will be open, and I hear the garden centre in Bryncir is open too. I know I'll be breaking some lockdown rules, but up till then I will have done everything by the book .. there must be ways of showing him some of the world without putting myself in danger ... 

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Lin said...

These are the most beautiful pics and think by the time Orin is ready to go out and about there should be placed to go where you are safe x