Saturday, 2 May 2020

The Last Weigh In

Ken stressing in the scales! haha
There's not a hope in hell of another weigh in. Even little Beth was 5lb 10 oz now. I'm really chuffed with that. Deceivingly Biscuit is the smallest male with Basil and Fudge too heavy to register the weights on the scales. Chilli and Spice are now on an even keel and Ginger is only 2 oz in front of Beth .. Go Beth go! 
I think Basil's greed and determination has got him to where he is today. He was so small I thought we may loose him that first week and he was so slow to put weight on. (Only 8oz in a week) But my god he has made up for it and as I say he's now the second heaviest of the boys.
Beth was also a concern and initially we had to feed her alone as she was really not that "foody," but times have changed and she can now challenge the best of them. The pups get and do really enjoy a spoon of live yogurt once a day as well as the kibble ... they also get some bits of raw carrots as a treat and we've just started puppy biscuits. I love seeing them trying new things and the different reactions to tastes, sights and smells ...

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Lin said...

Pups are coming on so well and just love Ken x