Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Starting Our Trips Out

In such strange times I still need to socialise my puppy. For the first time in weeks Steve and I went shopping together, well of sorts anyway. I went in and he sat in the car park with Orin. After I'd done my shopping I carried him to the entrance of the car park (Orin not Steve 😁) and we watched the traffic going by. I then walked around the car park and chatted at a safe distant to a gentleman who informed me that Orin was the best colour of the GSD breed .. just like his dog! I smiled and thanked him for his compliments,
Well what do you say?
Tomorrow we'll do another run out in the car and throw someone's birthday present over their gate and maybe, just maybe say hi to my parents at a safe distance. Thursday hopefully we can visit Cofi -land and Friday a trip to Pets At Home. We have 2 or 3 garden centres that we can visit next week and hopefully ... just hopefully soon we can go further a field.
Orin was loud in the crate at Tesco, and I don't think Steve's theory of giving him a biscuit and another and another to keep him quite is ideal dog training. One - Nil to Orin!!!

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Lin said...

Your doing well with him at least you can manage to get to a few places and still stay safe. Love the pic of you both and Steve's training !!!!!!!!! Lol xx