Monday, 18 May 2020

First Night

We worry about all the other puppies and their first night, week away from the nest. All of a sudden life is very very different for them. Some have other dogs to live with, some don't but of course have wonderful human families. The Facebook updates from owners mean the world ..
Of course life has changed for Orin too. The bed in the kitchen is gone, the pen in the garden is gone .. he now just had to muck in and everyone is just so BIG. I've set up a temporary small crate in the living room and set up his bed next to Ross. We went to bed about 11pm and he sang for about 5 mins .. I got up at 6am and took him out for a wee, put him back to bed and then we got up at 8am, a clean silent night! Nice one Orin.
To be fair they are all coping well together. Orin was a little unsure to start off with, I guess he felt intimidated. Sammi is so overwhelmed about him being around that we have to watch her carefully as she seems oblivious of how small he is. She was like this when we had Loki, and with Kaiah. It's paws really with her, she wallops him with her paws and flattens him, as she would playing with something a lot bigger. Ross is also unaware of his own size and strength, and he's quite smitten with Orin. I hope the friendship blooms. Asha is washing him, Ziva's ignoring him, nothing different there! Loki is also taking little notice ... Kaiah was my main concern, but to be fair she has done nothing wrong .. yet! She is a very jealous female and I need to make sure she doesn't feel resentment or that she is being pushed out. I continue to praise her for positive actions and was over the moon to see her considering playing with him last night. You may recall I felt it was better to keep a dog this time as I thought Kaiah would accept a male a little bit better ... I still think I made the right decision...


Lin said...

He's doing so well and seems to be taking it all in his stride , love the pics

ian turner said...

Everyone always thinks about the one's that's gone to their new homes and don't think about the one you're keeping it's a big shock for orin too. He hasn't got his brother's and sisters to cuddle up to anymore and he has to settle in with the big ones now it's a big change for him too