Wednesday, 20 May 2020


It's now been a week since we saw Isla and I can't believe we will ever see her again. In this location how can a cat simply disappear? She was here Wednesday afternoon in the garden with us and as usual she spent the evening on the chair, she ate her meal, went out and no one has seen her since. I've walked the mountains, e.mailed and texted people and today even took to knocking on doors. How long do I keep walking and calling? Honestly my heart is breaking, as dreadful as it may sound I'd sooner find a body than be living with the horrors of my imagination right now.
My emotions are on a total roller coaster ride, I'm so happy with Orin he's such a happy entertaining little chap. Watching Sammi so overwhelmed with happiness at having him with her warms up my heart. Watching Ross trying to interact with him is wonderful... and even seeing Ziva sulking that there another kid in the house makes me smile. (she was the same with Ross - but she loves him now) I'm on a high for a bit .. and then the tears flow again. Where the hell could Isla be? How can she have just disappeared overnight? Could she have wondered to the village and been run over? Surely someone would have seen something? Could she have gone into an outbuilding and been locked in? Who doesn't go in their outbuilding for a week? (Especially as everyone knows we are looking for her) I swear my thoughts haunt me, the not knowing is worse than dealing with a loss ... I'm just devastated and I currently have no means of moving on.


Lin said...

So sorry you're having to go through this It's not easy not knowing , maybe she may just come home and I so hope she does x

carrie said...

This is just horrible. I can only hope someone is feeding her and she will come home safe and well. One of the farm cats in Jersey was missing for 6 months then just walked back in one day, simply enormous. So sorry but hoping she will bee home soon. X