Thursday, 14 June 2018

Not Such Good Guys Walking

Well today the halo has slipped, slipped so far down it almost choked her! As we went through the gate towards Llyn Ffynhonnau a large lamb/young sheep jumped out from within the reeds, scream as I did three stopped instantly but the Angle gave chase. Luckily for me it ran a very short distance before jumping onto the wall and heading back in my direction. She followed hot on his heels, so close she could have grab it, but credit where it's due she made no effort to do so. Still as it ran towards and past me she had a dilema and she stopped before reaching my clutches. God I wanted to catch her and show her how displeased I was with her .. I was fuming, seething, but equally relieved the incident turned into a non incident. I couldn't let it pass, I just couldn't and with her on the lead we went looking for sheep. I got my opportunity to reprimand her, I hate being harsh with my dogs I really do .. but where sheep are concerned it's kill or cure up here and another lesson will soon follow.
Asha and Ziva watched the sheep with interest but both made the right decision and remained close to me. Not for one minute did Loki consider making a mistake .. he was predictably predictable.  As we walked back towards the van I could see an older man walking towards me on the same path with a Spaniel x .. probably one of these crossbreeds with a silly name that he's paid a fortune for. Anyway he popped it on the lead and I put my 4 on their leads moved to the side and made them all sit for him to pass. There was still a tense atmosphere between us and no one dared put a foot out of place or utter a sound. I smiled at the man, he smiled back and picked up his dog to pass. Why? So stupid .. Why? He then wittered she'd only be a tasty morsel for them. I felt my smile turn into a smirk and as much as I wanted to scream "oh shut up you stupid little man," I looked to the floor and said nothing. Oh my god what is wrong with people? ... What a stupid thing to say. As soon as the man and the morsel where out of the way I let the gang off their leads and Loki decided to shoulder barge Ziva, she in turn responded with teeth and tantrums. I said nothing, he gets away with far too much with these bitches and it was actually good to see Ziva telling him off .. though I guess long term it'll have little affect.
Near the van I could see another sheep, I put Sammi on the lead and we went to have a look at it. I suggested she may like to look at it, or chase it .. she declined!!!


Lin said...

Well Sammi Belle is your halo back yet !!!!!

ian turner said...

i know the feeling with tasha i wanted to cry when it happened with us she didnt get hold of the sheep but i will never ever trust her again .when were on our walks now tasha is on the lead all the time till i know defenet nothing there if i do see sheep she is very intrested in them i will stand there with her and leave the lead lose and let her look at them but i will tell her no tasha and shell keep walking and she turn away .