Friday, 8 June 2018

Mynydd Mawr And Llyn Ffynhonnau

The beautiful Llyn Ffynhonnau (Wells Lake) sits at the foot of Mynydd Mawr. (Simply translated to Big Mountain) "The profile of Mynydd Mawr from the north is often thought to resemble an elephant lying down, and consequently the mountain is often colloquially also called "Yr Eliffant" ('The Elephant'), or "Elephant Mountain" to non-Welsh speakers." Not content with giving the mountain 2 names locally it's also often called Mynydd Grug .. Heather Mountain .. that name really being self explanatory. I have to be honest I never refer to the mountain as Elephant mountain, to me it's Mynydd Mawr and from here it looks nothing like an Elephant, but seeing it from the north I can see the correlation. 
 Kaiah and Ross in Llyn Ffynhonnau 
 Asha, Sammi, Loki and Ziva at the foot of one of the routes up "Yr Eliffant"
and no I'm not even attempting to walk up it's ankle!
Jezi and Nico in a similar spot but the photo taken at a different angle towards Waunfawr. 
Coming back from the walk towards Llyn Ffynhonnau, if you enlarge the photo you can just see Ross' bottom going down the bank towards the lake. Kaiah of course is already there! 
The troops with Llyn Ffynhonnau in the background 

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Lin said...

Beautiful pics in such a beautiful place x