Friday, 15 June 2018

I Made A Complaint

Ross with his rosette at a recent Companion Show
For the first time ever I've reported a judge for not publishing critiques from a Championship show. A judge who commits to judging at this level signs a contract and is obliged to publish the critique on the first and second dog within a 3 - 6 month period. Until recently if there was no critique, then so be it, nothing could be done about it. But now the KC has bought in a new complaints procedure allowing three months for the judge to write and publish the critique, and a further three months for any missing critiques to be reported. They also point out that it is not normally possible for a complaint regarding the non-submission of a critique to be made later than six months following the show.
So I waited patiently for 5 and a half months before making the complaint and I've had a reply from the K.C saying that they are looking into the matter.
Look at Loki's ears
In the big picture of life it may well seem petty on my behalf, but we pay £25+ per dog to enter these shows, the catalouge costs about £5, there is usually a parking fee and then the expenses of travelling .. without even thinking of food, always take your own or get a second mortgage! Yes it's an accolade to win at such a level, but what do you win for your money? A poxy piece of card with the name of the show on it, if you want a rosette then that's another fiver! So as the whole story goes the critique actually really matters, for people to see your dogs name in print and see why it won, or didn't is really important. To see the judge actually sees your dog as you do, or not is important. Remember the judge who said Loki had small ears for his head size .. well hand on heart I'd never noticed and no other judge has ever noticed .. but look, hell she was right!
It's actually quite a contradiction that if you go to a companion show, the show at the bottom of the pile, the one we consider the training ground for puppies or the day out for the oldies, that you get huge rosettes, prize money and even sometimes goody bags. It's a charity event, the classes are usually sponsored and dogs with anything over a JW are over qualified to enter, but in all honesty, you wouldn't take your best there anyway that just wouldn't be fair on the competitors who are there just for a fun day out.
Beautiful Dexi who won 1 CC and 3 Reserves
Should have been a champion! 
Maybe KC championship shows need to reassess things, to consider giving more value for money to the exhibitor? Maybe they also need to reconsider their CC allocations and classifications. Is it really fair that a dog get 20+ CC when three is all that's needed to become a Champion? The dog winning these multiple CC is no doubt robbing other great dogs of their titles. We and many other have been there with Dexi, he missed out as Nilo romped his way to over 50 CC. Was that really fair? But I can also see that a three year old dog with 3 CC who loves the limelight should not have to retire .. well put on a Champions Class .. give them another goal to stride for ... please think KC, before this becomes solely a rich man's game. As for the handler who charge £50 a class and £250 for a CC.. well they can go an whistle!

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Lin said...

Well said Rhian and don't blame you for reporting the judge the critiques mean so much to you and nice to get them as you should x