Saturday, 23 June 2018

Memories and Musings

Seeing a post on Facebook about Lesley's "retirement" from Freshfields has brought so many memories flooding back. I gave them 12 years and was devastated to leave under those circumstances, though of course it did lead me to a stress free and more relaxed life; but I can't imagine what it's been like for Lesley, the founder of the charity.Without her there would be nothing. I was so pleased to have had the privileged to work with her and learn from her. We had some fantastic times, and some fantastic falling outs over the years! I know her through and through and I believe she is  an AMAZING lady who has given everything of herself to the animals in her care. If I'm ever asked to name people who have created an impact on my life then Lesley would surely be in the top half of the list. I wish her peace and happiness and hope I can see some of her in her new free time.
Choo was missing last night at dinner time, it happens sometimes but my stomach churned over when there was no sign of him at breakfast time. It's not like him to miss a meal, let alone two. I just hope no one was around this morning when I was stood out there calling "Choo ...Choo ... Choo Choo." They would have thought I was cracking up. Anyway within minutes he was home, he has skipped breakfast and is lying asleep with me on the sofa. It's funny isn't it, (peculiar not haha)  I think he's adorable, but no one wanted him as a kitten and even recently when I put photos of the cats up on Facebook no one put a comment on his photo .. I have to admit I did feel it, he may not be the most glamorous of the cats, but he's dead cute and he's a huge part of this family and is affectionate and sweet.
I was asked during the week if I'll have another kitten .. well yeah of course, but not now. We still have 6 cats which I don't want to exceed again and they are generally more expensive to keep which has to be a consideration. Tia and Oliver are both getting on in years .. awful thought, but maybe in the future when there are less cats we'll think about it. One thing though, I do have something in mind. I've always wanted a silver tabby (spotted or striped) .. not an easy find so if one did come along before then I may weaken. It has to be male, having owned cats since I was a teenager I do generally prefer male cats. It's not always a pedigree cat colour, the British Silver Tabbys are stunning, but there is a chance one may crop up in a moggy litter somewhere. Having been involved with cat rescue for so long it would be a crisis of conscious to buy a pedigree kitten.  I do sometimes think we should be able to have what we want but know how desperate the situation is in North Wales I'm really not sure I could justify buying a pedigree one in.
Ross continues to do my head in over food. He's eaten less this last week than he has in ages. It so
frustrates me, I really know what the right thing is to do but I'm being honest, I currently am not doing it! I guess the problem is that I don't want a skinny show dog, so I'm adding odds and sods to his food to try and get him to eat. Big mistake .. I know! With what little coat he has still coming out in huge chunks he's really starting to look like shit to be honest. It's such a bad age, anyway I'll bath and blast him tonight and see if he can at least look semi decent for Blackpool tomorrow. I really have mixed feeling about what his breeder said yesterday, she said had he his grandfathers coat he would really be a top dog. It's nice that she sees the potential in him, but sad that she like me realises that his lack of coat will go against him with some judges where top honors are concerned. I can only hope that after this predictably awful junior moult that his next coat will be better.
Anyway it's Blackpool Champ tomorrow. The foreign judge has done me proud with Dexi, Krizzie and Nico .. but he did put Sammi last .. Kaiah and Ross look rough, Loki and Sammi look great ... lets see what tomorrow brings


Lin said...

Must have been a worry when choo went missing you feel like saying where the hell have you been !!!!!! glad he's ok. Good luck at Blackpool xx

carrie said...

Expect you are at Blackpool but just wanted to say CHOO is an adorable little cat and the pics are gorgeous. Often others cannot see what we see in our animals cos they
don't know their nature. Expect Choo Choo was exploring an old branch line, somewhere mayb where the station master was a mouse:~}

Was quite upset to think Lesley is leaving Freshfields, mainly cos of the amazing care she organised for ALL animals which came to her. i still remember you showing me how to feed the pigs, and give Granny Grump in the caravan 'or what was left of it# endless bowls of water. nd all those fantastic kittens getting loose in the kitten room, and trying to get one out from behind a pile of bedding. Oh and of course ypu and me
spending days running round country near Deiollin yelling Ellie !!!! and we found her in the end. Whatever Lesley does next it will inevitably involve animal welfare, she should get an OBE or somethingfor services to charity.

Good luck today Cxxx

Tali said...

Quite agree Carrie