Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Hoping For Nico Pups ..

The matings went well .. the first a slip the other two with good tie's ... one a ridiculously long tie being over an hour and fifteen minutes and smashing Dexi's record of 55 mins. The length of the tie has no baring on anything and never guarantees pregnancy. Lots of bitches get pregnant from slips, but a tie is always preferable as the fluid ejaculated pushes the sperm towards the eggs. One mating at the right time is often all that is needed but with Kira having traveled here from Bristol Nico was quite happy to give her her moneys worth. Bless him! haha 
Kira is a beautiful bitch with a super character ... Here's hoping for success all round now

Nico and Kira enjoying each others company

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Lin said...

Here's hoping there will be pups all Rachel's dogs had super temperaments and lovely to have met them x