Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Cwm Dulyn For All

With the cattle at Llyn Cop and Linda off to Llyn Ffynhonnau with Lexi I had to find a water source for our walk, the only alternative safe for all is Cwm Dulyn. I knew the water was low there last week, but it's  shocking to see how low it is there today. It's usually about 6 foot from this bank. North West Wales really needs rain. 

Walking along the track towards the lake with Sammi, Ziva, Loki and Asha.
I love this photo of Jezi and Nico, this was before Nico's accident. He really did have a miss-jump with a very harsh landing on his chin with his front legs tucked beneath him. I was expecting at least a scraped chin or broken teeth, but he seems non the worst for wear. 
Come on you two - looks like Ross is near in tears

Kaiah figured it out in seconds .. 
Bye bye Ross. You can go fishing for your dinner.

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Lin said...

Pics are wonderful and can't believe how low the water is