Friday, 1 June 2018

A Memory That Could Be Very Useful

A friend suggested I try Sammi on Evening primrose oil to see if it would regulate her seasons. Well why on earth did I not think of that? I've used it with the dogs and taken it myself in the past to try and help with hormonal imbalances. I remember it was damned expensive in Tesco but if I was lucky then they were doing three for two. Of course times have changed and now we have Home Bargains locally so yesterday I got 90 capsules for £1.99. Ok they were only 500mgs and I previously always got 1000mg, but that's easily sorted isn't it.
So yesterday as I opened the bottle to add one to Sammi's dinner a memory came back to me, a conversation with the excellent Vet Jill Hubbard. She recommended I try it for Kiri as it was excellent for coat and skin condition. I remembered the conversation so well .. so why in over a decade had I not thought of it? Why had I probably paid hundreds of pounds on potions and concoctions from Dorwest and Yumega when the answer was probably far cheaper and on my doorstep?  Anyway I did decide to google it and make sure I'd remembered it correctly .. yes I had .. just a few recommendations ...
"Evening Primrose Oil Capsules for Cat and Dogs by Johnson's are rich in essential fatty acids that help maintain a good and diet, and a healthy coat and skin.The capsules help alleviate dry irritated skin, scurf, dermatitis and other allergy based conditions.The essential fatty acids in Johnson's Evening Primrose Oil"
Even Dorwest herbs themselves recommend "this preparation for show dogs, those breeds with long coats and after a moult or other conditions causing hair loss." (1 x 500mgs per 10kg of body weight)
"Evening primrose oil contains fatty acids found in other foods. These fatty acids can help decrease chronic inflammation. Evening primrose oil can help with conditions such as arthritis for older dogs as well as the pain and discomfort of dry, itchy skin."
So yeah, a bit of information from deep in my damaged brain has been recovered ... I don't think my pot of 90 will last me long so it's back to Home bargains to stock up next time I'm in town!

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Lin said...

Must admit forgotten about that myself, good idea and yes a lot cheaper