Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Helen Put Me To Work

Having posted the other photo of Ross in stance, Helen his breeder messaged me and said she much preferred this photo of him and could I try cropping the other dog out. Yes I love it too and it has been posted online. Yes of course I could crop Chyna and Geron out, that bit is easy but to an amateur like me it's the other bits that may take more work. I'd need to get the judge to move his foot, indeed his leg I'd need to get rid of that rosette .. and those railing .. OMG getting them in-sync would be fun. 
So I gave it a go ... don't look too close at the fencing! 
Getting the colour right was difficult and I'm still not convinced, simply lightening it makes Ross look yellow so I had to adjust each aspect separately. 
Of course being the photo was zoomed in on in the first place, and then the cropping, when opened the edited photo is not totally clear. But it was not suppose to be a photo of a single dog, typical it would be one of the better ones!
Anyway I've tried and I may try again too later 

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Lin said...

That looks really good x