Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Llyn Cop

Our walks to the idyllic little lake are currently few and far between,  it depends if the cattle are around, or not! I'm never ashamed to admit  my fear of free roaming cattle, I can't believe this farmer is allowed to let them roam the villages and the surrounding areas because of some law that was written in the year dot! I hope it doesn't take a serious accident for this to change. Still there was no sign of them today so they are probably terrorising the villages of Carmel or Cilgwyn and we at least got to walk safely to the little lake.
Everyone In Their Groups

Some Other Moments 
 Mr Nico just posing - as he does
 Jezi loving life 
Loki's first swim - ever
But when it looked like Asha would get the toy he had to take the plunge.

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Lin said...

Love all these pics and hope I get there next week if the cattle stay away