Monday, 25 June 2018

Hot and Stressful at Blackpool!

Well it was for me anyway. Both the boys were good, and to be fair Loki coped fantastically with the heat. The girls on the other hand really stressed me out .. both of them. To be fair my inability to cope with the heat by that time was probably the main factor that contributed to the stress. It was far too hot for a fat, pale skinned Welsh woman.  But both girls exploded totally out of control out of the van and Sammi head butted me one in the face, I was expecting broken teeth or at least a fat lip, thankfully nothing. .. I only have the bruise on my leg that she gave me at 5am in the morning! Sammi true to fashion also tipped all the water bowls ringside .. and her crate in the van was a swimming pool! The both dragged me into the showground, but after that to be fair they behaved impeccably. (Other than Sammi throwing everyones water)
I shouldn't have shown Kaiah or Ross in their swim wear really, I should have known better. I'm a little bit more precious about Kaiah, she at least will be taking a break now till she returns to full glory. It's not going to go down well. Congratulations to the 4 principal winners, 2 new lovely champions for the breed, but extra congrats to my friends Sarah and Ivylene on Sexy Sully's RCC. Our results .. Ross 3rd in JD, Loki 2nd in Limit, Kaiah 4th or last in SY and Sammi 2nd in limit. 
The sunlight was against us for photos .. and Ian forgot to zoom! (I'll wait for his reply lol) I have managed to crop and lighten and there is only really poor Ross that hasn't got a nice photo to add to his memories. 


Lin said...

A rather stressful day for you but at least you have a pic of them all x

carrie said...

Blackpool ~ hot dogs ~ with or without onions? ouch

ian turner said...

yes it was a bit hot for them but they did great for you as always .i think the pictures turned out pretty good