Saturday, 29 April 2017

Sable Pup

Well my head is truly spinning. This little guy is 3 and a half weeks and available .. should I want him. The breeder is happy to hang on to him for a few weeks for me and see if he has "potential." What the feck do I do now? This is earlier than planned.
OK plan of action is to check out his pedigree and see if it's compatible to Kaiah and or Sammi. Well I've been trying to do that for the last hour but have been in tears here as I can't remember anything .. I need to refresh my brain on my pedigree's so often these days. It's so frustrating, I use too remember everything now I can't store anything beyond the second generation. Honestly I think I may have to get pen and paper out!
I know of his sire and import called Larro Team Gaudi and he has no common ancestors within 5 generation to Kaiah which is great ..  I don't know the dam and I must now do my homework. She does carry one line to Quenn and 2 Zamp lines, but i think they will be far enough back .. Her sire is also a long coat, which is great news as Larro doesn't seem to carry the L.C gene, so hopefully the coats in the litter will be reasonable.
Right going to sit down with pen and paper now and see if I can figure out this pedigree!
And don't forget .. what's written on the blog stays on the blog, not for sharing on Facebook .. yet!


Lin said...

If he's right for you then get him what's the point in waiting don't lose him. Hope he's compatible for you and will be what you want. I understand you must be in such a whirl but you'll make the right decision and at least you don't have to get him now x

ian turner said...

go for it rhian spoil your self yahooo ps im coming with you to get him lol