Sunday, 9 April 2017

Still Shattered

Sammi in the challenge
You forget how hard it is on you to run on the concrete floor in that showground - last night and today I'm aching like nobody's business, so poor Ian must be 10 times worse! 
Last night I received some interesting private messages, it seems quite a few people are really unhappy that a L/C bitch went best bitch yesterday. Of course I'm blinkered Sammi is THE BEST and I will always think she should win .. 
On a serious note 2 years ago it would simply would not have happened as until then the coat variety has always been considered a fault as it would hinder the working dog. But now, whether exhibitors like it or not the coat variety is recognised. At this time both coat varieties are entitled to challenge each other for top honors, in the future this may change and it may become 2 varieties in their own right competing only in their own classes as they are in Germany. I do think this is the better option, but unless the L/C exhibitors support the classes set for them at breed shows then they will end up loosing the recognition they have been fighting for! 
Best Bitch, Best Dog and BIS and Best Puppy
The bitch that beat Sammi yesterday was indeed a beautiful bitch, one that without doubt won on merit. This bring me back to a statement I made only a couple of weeks ago, the L/C's that have been exhibited at recent shows have not been winning because they are not the best examples of the breed. Their owners have been complaining that they didn't win because they were long coats, well maybe when they've been in the breed a little longer they will understand that they are not winning because they are not worth ... not because they are long coats. With the standard as it is now, long or standard coat, a worthy animal should win! 

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Lin said...

Totally agree with you re the long coats going head to head with other long coats and not mixing them. But if the long coat people wont support the classes we wanted then they may well be lost.