Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Jamie's Looking Better

After his visit to the vets yesterday dear Jamie is looking better today. He has another eye infection and bless him has been feeling very sorry for himself. Where he get's it from I just don't know but I don't want it to spread to the other cats. Typically he was quite stroppy and let us all know he was none too impressed with his trip out. I'd sooner take a dog to the vets than a cat any day!
Whilst we were there we discussed his weight. Seriously I do worry about it as it's not a health weight, and because he's so special to me I do actually feel it when people take the piss out of him. He's my mate, so I can take the piss out of him, but you can't, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I asked whether they thought a blood test may be a good idea, I wondered about his thyroid etc. But the vet felt it was unnecessary and that there was nothing wrong with him that a little less food and more exercise wouldn't improve. Well I can't drag him around the field on a lead can I?  None of my other cats are this size and he gets the same as everyone else to eat, and to be fair he doesn't always finish his meals anyway. (Though he will steal Loki's dinner if Loki is taking his time over it)
Anyway I guess I've come away knowing that Jamie is not ill,  basically he's just a lazy fat twa .... er I mean cat!

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Lin said...

You just have to love him LOL and glad he's getting better x