Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Looking Too Well?

Tali's IBS details are well recorded. She has good periods and bad periods, and at the moment she's really doing well. Adding the 4th meal really does seem to have helped, apparently lots of small meals keep the intestine working far better than larger quantities. So Tali has 2 meals of Arden Grange sensitive (Fish and potato) and 2 meals of freshly cooked fish with pasta or mashed potato. But now we have another problem, one not common to Tali in her later years anyway, she's getting fat!
Well no not fat as in obese, just a little rounder than we are use to seeing but it is already starting to affect her lifestyle and she is struggling to jump into the van. Over the week-end she's had a few miss cues, and on one occasion I was too slow to catch her bottom to help her in and she fell, so yesterday she was hesitant to try jumping in at all.
Of course the other problem is her eyesight and she does tend to jump a little too soon. Going from the light into the dark must be very difficult for her to judge, but the extra weight will not help her.
I have decided too and stopped the pasta and potato and will just give her the fish at lunch at supper time, with maybe some of her food which I'll take from the other two meals. That should help with her weight gain, but I need a plan of action to lighten the entrance into the van. Maybe with a second person to help today I'll try shining a torch on the crate for when she's jumping in. Give it a go eh!
Kaiah will be going for her 6 month weigh in next week, I'll take Tali then too and see where we stand by then.


carrie said...

I too had this problem with both Ben and Bruno, not weight related, just age. First
tried steps which both dogs hated and completely ignored. Then came the ramp, which
after few training goes, laid flat with treats along, lured them onto it, then up on settee, and finally into back of car. Still had to guide them up or down, but worked great.

Lin said...

Must admit Tali is looking really good but as you say no more weight LOL