Wednesday, 5 April 2017


This morning how apt that my Facebook memories should be of Krizzie. The photo taken on the 5th of April 2007 .. only 8 months before we so tragically lost her so young. Yesterday the last of her "F" litter sons died at 12 years old. Only our Tali, her single daughter born is now left. Krizzie was an amazing girl .. full of fun and mischief, with a wicked sense of humor.
From 2 litters "Cajun" was the last puppy she gave birth too. Krizzie was a bitch that whelped during daylight hours, pretty rare really, but she did it twice. Her first "F" litter boy arrived at 10.36am  on the 7.1.05.. and then the boys just kept coming, until puppy number 6  ...a sigh of relief as Tali arrived at 3.50pm. Another 2 boys would follow and by 8.30pm Krizzie was settled with her 7 boys and 1 girl .. exactly what she had had in the "E" litter of 2003! Luckily I sleep with the bitches for days after whelping, and at 3.50am we had a surprise, Cajun came into the world. He was flat and not breathing and had obviously been distressed as still in his bag he was covered in poo ... but with some vigorous rubbing and warmth (not so) little Cajun took his first breath and never looked back.
His owner is distressed at her loss, but thanked me for allowing her to have this amazing dog ... I can ask no more. Sleep tight little Cajun ... You Have Been Loved