Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Puppy For Sale

To A good home of course!
It's not often I complain about Miss Kaiah, let's face it she has been an easy puppy. Her personality is very Louis (ish) in that she is mainly a happy bubbly girl who bounces around taking it all in her stride and enjoying life. Maybe she's had a double dose of "happiness" with that Blanik line and Nico, who's also a very happy cuddly guy. She's also very obedient, as obedient as any 6 month old puppy can be, but as I said has a good teacher there in Loki. And here is my first problem...
Kaiah is obsessed with Loki, whilst mainly it's quite funny, a little endearing even, last night and on previous occasions at club it has been an absolute nightmare. She can't concentrate on doing her "thing" because he's not next to her, I can't move her around the hall as she drags me towards him and I really don't want to get cross with her. But where it all falls apart is when she and I sit and watch and Loki takes his turn with Ian. She screams, she shouts and fidgets, yes I can put up with that, but the longer he's away the higher the volume becomes and the more stressed she gets. For god sake's he's only the other side of the room, I see no need for such stress! It was suggested last night that I separate them more during the day, hell with Sammi's never ending season poor Loki has spent most of the last three weeks in the kennel, she's only seen him on walks. Alone at club Kaiah is perfect, but I honestly don't know what to do about this. For Champ shows and breed shows it will make no difference as there's time between classes, but at local shows I can see it will be a bloody nightmare!
Kaiah and her hero! 
For sure, Loki is not going to miss out because of Kaiah, but he and Sammi may have to share the shows in future. With his CC he will now have to go into higher classes than his age .. if that makes sense, a class that Sammi is already in and I can't shows 2 dogs in one class!
My other problem is that with the extending days, Kaiah wants to get up earlier and earlier. I really don't think 8am is a bad time for them or us, but today she was shouting at 6.45am. No sorry I'm not getting up at that time. I understand she sees bright sunshine, she sees the cats coming and going and probably just want to join in, but no .. sorry, I'm not having it. This morning I got up and put a blanket over her crate, covered her like a bloody parrot, and yeah at least I got an extra hour out of it.
So puppy for sale/rehoming ... well we know of plenty that get moved on for less!!!


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Lin said...

Sorry but I've just laughed all through your post, though I know it really isn't funny and what a job you've got on your hands but if anyone can sort it then it's you as you never ever give up on any of your dogs x