Monday, 24 April 2017

Gold Star

I just made it back before the rain this morning, it wasn't as cold as I expected it to be, but with the afternoon came sunshine and a bloody cold wind. Another Gold star ⭐ for the Angel for a recall away from a sheep and lamb who seem to appear from nowhere today! Of course Asha a Ziva ignored it, nothing more than I expect of them, but where Miss Belle is concerned one never becomes complacent and her initial slight hesitation made me think that more work is needed again this Spring. I could almost see her thinking it through, chase or listen, listen or chase ... she chose to listen for that I'm proud!
Today I've also achieved something, I've had my hair cut. Well it's the first time since my brain blip and I was really starting to look very unkempt. I had had an issue with my head being touch, I think purely psychological, but it was all just fine! Mind you there's no drastic difference to my appeance, just of course that now it's bloody curling again!

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Lin said...

Well done Sammi you're such a clever girl x