Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Kai - Kaiser Vom Conbhairean
9.30am -  My hunt for a sable puppy seems to be getting me nowhere. Last week I had several offers and suggestions, but all going back on Conbhairean lines. As much as I love the kennels breeding, (my god how could I not, look at what it has given us at Blanik), I do now need to move away from this line. Kai and Nico both came from Conbhairean and share one breeding line through Kiara (Nico's mum) and Kai being siblings. Nico also has a line back to Conbhairean's foundation which Kai doesn't have. (His parents where German - an import bitch and his sire based in Germany)
So Sammi and Kaiah carry the doubled up imported Conbhairean line through Kai and Kiara and the foundation line through Nico's sire Uno.
This week a lovely litter are born in Scotland out of a lovely L/C Sable bitch, so I check out the pedigree of the sire, it's not suitable!
A litter born down South, the sire a  Sable British
Nico - Conbhairean Danko Of Blanik
Champion who I admire, the mother an import .. for the same reason it's not suitable. The reason being a dog called Quenn who seem to appear everywhere, he is Kaiah's great grandfather and care must be taken when doubling up on him too close in a pedigree. He is also the great grandfather of the puppies that are down South, which with research maybe doable ... through the sire he appears twice in the 5 generation pedigree of the Scottish pups, sadly because of what he has been linked too I fear having him in any future pedigree 3 times within 5 generations. (If all goes to plan the idea would be to mate pup to Kaiah - health tests provided of course!)
A friend has a lovely young sable male, just the type and colour I'm looking for, but I can't even use him at stud as his sire is the stunning CH.Conbhairean Freddie who through his sire is Nico's half brother ... too close!
I knew this would be hard, but I'm feeling a little disillusioned at the moment. There must be something out there somewhere .. where are you Mr Sable Pup?
Berti At Home With A pup 
12.45pm  - STOP
Just as I was going out this morning I had a call from a friend. They have plans to mate their B+T bitch in September to the sable boy Berti Vom Zoarhoff. They want to keep a bitch, therefore pick of males will be available. Well that's me getting excited! Of course it's all ifs and buts, the bitch may not conceive, she may not produce any sable males, she could produce L/C's etc etc. So I guess the best thing for me to do is not put all my eggs in one basket, keep this bitch in mind and keep looking. At least I now feel a little bit of positive about things.

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Lin said...

Hopefully this could be the one but yes keep looking and you'll find him x