Wednesday, 12 April 2017


More beautiful photos of Sammi in the ring last Saturday, this time taken by the judges other half! Love them.
Sammi is still is season, it's now about 35 days since this all started and I think that she has just ovulate. (Well within the last 2 days) Loki is going off his food, has been howling in the mornings and Nico's like a mad man, it will get worse before it gets better! She is entered at a show at the week end, like last Saturday males will be judged first so there is no problem showing her, the problem will be that she will be travelling next to Loki to get there. Is that fair? I'll just have to assess her over the next 2 days.
As well as Maya, (Asha's sister) Lexi, (Ziva and Jezi's sister) was competing in the long coat classes last Saturday. There are some lovely photo's of Lexi on her own blog. 
Have a look ...


ian turner said...

she did brilliant and beautiful pictures of her moving

Lin said...

She looks wonderful as ever and love the pics of her x