Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Continuing The Sociolising

 Kaiah enjoying her time at Carrie's house with Linda
 Meeting Bruno
With her sweet outgoing character Kaiah doesn't need socializing now, but she still enjoys to go out and about to meet new people and catch up with friends.  She thoroughly enjoyed her afternoon, made herself at home and loved the treats! 


carrie said...

What a pleasure to have U, Linda and Kaiah visiting today. We are so lost without darling Ben, Bruno really needed the company, as did I. So kind of U and Linda, I love my gifts, and the way Kaiah posed for the camera is just brilliant. Another super special Blanik, what a looker, and sooooooooooooo sweet. Cx

UniversalTelecoms said...

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Lin said...

Great time at Carries and glad we managed to cheer her up a bit. Kaiah was a little super star x