Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Dogs In The Rain

 Kaiah, Loki and Tali
 Ziva, Asha and Sammi 
Nico and Jezi
Had to include these. Tali finally realises she's on a different path to us. The only point of the yellow coat is so that she would see me, but she still has to choose to follow us and not her bloody nose. Yes, I had to go and get her as she didn't know how to get back to us and was considering jumping down. 
Putting the white sheet hanging over the edge in the van has really made a difference to her jumping in. No early take off and no more mistakes, so as we thought it was her sight not her mobility that was causing her difficulty. 

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Lin said...

Great rain pics !!!! and so pleased the sheet is working for Tali.