Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Conclusion

Coming out from under "Smurf Bridge" last week. 
After observing Tali and getting help today we have come to the conclusion that the problem of her not wanting to jump into the van is mainly due to her eyesight. (and the fact I dropped her may have knocked her confidence)  We know she can't focus well in the dark or see dark colours, and basically she is taking off too soon and missing the target when she tries to jump into the van. I guess it's pretty daunting when you are told to get in but you can only see a black hole.
Linda is going to look in the charity shops for a brightly coloured blanket that we can drape over the edge of the door way to see if Tali can time her jump more correctly. There is nothing wrong with her actual jump .. bless her she's just jumping too soon and missing the target.


Lin said...

For her age Tali's mobility is amazing so I'll find something bright that hopefully will help her getting in the van It's worth a try x

netta said...

Lin just a white towel or sheet would be clearer for her (we had this problem with our old Rotti

Tali said...

White? Lol it'll soon be grey. I going for the same colour as my coat, but I'll try an old sheet this morning x