Monday, 17 April 2017

OMG Loki's Got a CC

Loki with breeder Ian
I don't suppose it's really sunk in yet, this really is such a big deal in the "Dog Show World." Though a couple of my dogs have got close and been considered before no one has achieved the accolade since Dexi and Aria (Who I bred but didn't own) A CC or Challenge Certificate is given to the best of each sex at a Championship show. Therefore a dog needs to win his class and then beat all the other same sex class winners to gain his CC. A dog needs 3 CC to become a champion. Dexi had 1CC and 3 RCC, Aria has 2 CC and a few RCC .. so neither gained their Champions title. Loki may never win another or he may go on and gain his title, he's young and time will tell. We have to be prepared to be last at the next show as that's the way it goes in the dog show world, but we will now do everything we can to get him out there. One thing is for sure this amazing accolade and our amazing memories will be with "Blanik" forever.
Mr Red and Mr Orange
I remember so well the couple with their pet bitch coming here to use Nico at stud. Her pedigree a
complete out cross to Nico's, mostly based on working lines and honestly three quarters of it was not familiar to me at all. It was to be Nico's third and largest litter, 10 puppies where born. We went to see the puppies at 3 weeks old, 7 dogs and 3 bitches. I remember the black faced bitch who caught my eye .. facially she had a look of a baby Sammi, this puppy is now Ian's beloved Bella. I took photos of all the puppies and one dog puppy from those early photos caught my eye .. Mr Orange kind of stood out! After we came home Ian phoned me and asked if I would like pick of the litter, I declined .. after all if I took a puppy then I couldn't breed from Jezi.
6 weeks 
With every photo that was posted on Facebook Mr Orange stood out for me, though Mr Purple was kind of nice too. After I made comments on their photos Ian phoned me again .. had I changed my mind? I could have any pup I wanted, he would love me to have a pup... I declined, but now I was getting tempted and thoughts of Mr Orange kept me awake at night. We visited the pups again at 5 weeks old and there he was Mr Orange shouting .. "Look, look at me," and I couldn't stop looking. I came home and talked to friends, both in person and online, no one is logical at that time, everyone just says .. "yeah go for it!"  But to "go for it" meant no puppies from Jezi and Nico, it had to be one or the other so it was  huge decision with huge implications on "Blanik." I visited the puppies again at 6 weeks old and again the same puppy stood out, I made the commitment and reserved Mr Orange!
The first few weeks where not what I expected, "Loki" was quite unsure of most things and I was starting to doubt my decision of taking him on. So I did the work and bombarded him with socialisation, he went everywhere and by the time he was 14 weeks the boy was a star. The Blaniks helped tremendously too, from the moment he arrived those bitches adored him and through them and Mikey his confidence grew and grew to being the amazing dog he is now.
Beautiful Loki 
Before I took him on Gail said "Its meant to be!" Yeah, she was right it was meant to be. I now have a beautiful easy dog to live with, one who flies the flag in the show ring for Blanik, for his breeder and his sire, and I also have two lovely GSD obsessed friends in his breeders (Well maybe one more than the other)  Yes the out cross mating worked ... Lovely Loki is a huge part of our lives ... and yes, it sure was meant to be!


carrie said...

The best laid plans etc etc.......wonderful account of young Loki's arrival in your life, and look what he has given back already... must have been a fantastic day, sorry to have missed it. In terms of achievement of course Dexi [my Tipzee's g.g.] still
stands out, but then so does Louis, Jay, and Tali from my time of attending shows with you.'cannot see a Bakewell tart without remembering Dexi!!!} darling Louis sitting on my lap,and Tali Asbo, oh and howling Jay when he not able to see where u were...all glorious Blaniks, and now the next generation and young Kaiah starting off with a win. Thanks for a great time both travelling with and showing with Blaniks, and
honourary Blanik, my Tipzee boomboom. Cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ian turner said...

thank you rhian and steve for taking that chance on allowing me to breed our tasha with nico best thing we did, out of it we got ten beautiful puppies and made brilliant friends in you and steve and you have helped me in this brilliant hobbie with bella witch i love

Lin said...

Lovely to read that and what a boy he's turned out to be and not forgetting beautiful Bella who also is doing so well. Ian and Tracy must be so proud of what 2 of the litter have achieved x