Friday, 1 November 2019

Warm Towel Please

Well I've done it, a not so little Luther is booked in at the vets next week to have his jingle bells removed. A confusion with his name had us both giggling .. "No LUTHER no Looser!" He will be 6.5 months by then, so young I know but what do i do? I would be horrified knowing anyone was neutering a dog at that age but different species, different life style, needs must!
I got everyone walked today, rain and a little wind yes, but more invigorating than annoying. I/we really enjoyed ourselves - though I couldn't believe the fact that in avoiding other walkers I walk straight towards the baying Vizlas.  I don't see why so many people don't walk on days like today, waterproof clothes are all you need, oh and plenty of towels when you get home of course. It's funny Kaiah loves to be dried with a warm towel .. I think she'd stand there all day if the towel is warmbut wiggles about otherwise. 

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Lin said...

Pics are great and yes I was glad to get out with Lexi nothing a towel can't fix but I've not told Lexi about the warm towel