Saturday, 9 November 2019

A Little Snow

 Jezi and Nico with "Niwl" and snow on Moel Eilio behind them 
 Sammi, Ziva, Asha
Fascinating that only half the Nantlle Ridge has snow on it. Never seen that before  
Ross forgot his sunglasses! Mind you the forecast was for high winds, torrential rain or sleet so maybe like me he didn't think he'd need them. 
I fell again today, second day in a row, soft landing with plenty of padding but I do wonder if it's the pink boots to blame. They are lovely and warm, and comfy but somehow there is no strength/stability around the ankle, I seem to twist my right ankle and I'm down. Maybe I should consider the terrain of my planed walk before deciding on my footwear. I was very luck to get the boots, they are £140+ boots and they were going free but I may have to rethink where I'm wearing them. Actually I was lucky with the Barbour coat too, I got it for £30 in the height of Summer, it's so bloody warm but I guess may need some care. I'm not really that good with caring for things, I just wear them till they drop. 
Don't I look wonderful - don't answer that! 

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Lin said...

Lovely pics and how nice to see the snow on the mountain and the ridge but wish it would have been there when I was. Great pics and hope you're ok after falling again and you look good all wrapped up for the weather