Thursday, 7 November 2019

Luther Is Home

Crazy morning, driving through floods to get to the vets with Luther .. "#ballsoffday." Back to no rain at home. Quick cuppa then dentist for me and he indoors before going on to Aldi, then back to the vets to pick up a rather unhappy young black chap. The vet was very complementary about him this morning and couldn't believe he was only just over 6 months old .. when he grows up he's going to be a panther! He's home and no surprises hes hungry. (By the way he weighed 3.6kg - I think Perry was 2.5kg when he was done)


Lin said...

So glad it's all over and done with Luther you'll soon be up and about and playing with Perry x

carrie said...

A'w that's good ~ always a tough day when the boys are in for'The Op!!! Animal welfare aint easy. Hope you get some good news soon, just gotta keep your nerve now. Fingers crosssed. Cxxx