Monday, 4 November 2019


Now we've always said local shows are often a lottery .. it's a great day out with friends and our lovely dogs, a day to relax and enjoy. I understand the judges are not breed specialist, they have their own breeds and they judge these local show to give us all a day out. BUT, when judging a breed on the day, even if you know nothing then character comes first followed closely by soundness .. if an animal is not sound if it can not move then it is not put together correctly and should not win ... SIMPLES! 
Huge congrats to Ian's Kasey who showed them all how it's done by hammering it around that ring to win BOB yesterday. I was proud to be on the other end of the lead. 


ian turner said...

Thank you for yesterday with kasey i was over the moon with the way she went when she got the BOB i really wanted to scream out loud and i could see on your face how much that win ment to you after loki getting totally robed

Lin said...

Well done Kasey she did everything right and looked and moved wonderfully , and so did Loki x