Thursday, 6 September 2018

Loki I'm Shocked

Mr Perfect's halo has slipped lower than low today. I'm so shocked to have seen his standards slip that low that I'm considering sending him back to the breeder! And what did he do? Well, he cocked his leg in the living room. I'm totally disgusted with him, he has no shame!
Seriously, though I am honestly pissed off with him I do understand why and I will forgive him eventually. Kaiah's season is still lingering and though his experienced father is well over the stress and excitement, Loki's inexperience is now more obvious. Kaiah still wants to rip his face off, but as is usual with a maturing young male, the more she says "No" the more excited he gets.
Ross who's oblivious to most things was really unimpressed, the shock on his face at smelling the urine in the house was amazing, he sniffed it and backed away. Maybe it told him something we'll never understand! Nothing like a bit of citrus disinfectant to remove smelly pee!!!
As a youngster Loki had character issues, but some very early hard work during that short socialising period got him on track by about 14 weeks old. I then observed that he was one of the easiest puppies/young dogs I'd ever lived with. Yes he was sensitive, you only have to remember his concern for me on a bad head day to realise he was quick to pick up on things, but generally his behaviour was excellent. But his transition into an adult male has not been as easy. Sometimes, and for no apparent reason he will react aggressively towards a dog at a show, this tends to happen when I'm not on the other end of his lead! Does he still feel security when in my hands, or is he just taking the piss of anyone else holding the lead? Honestly I'm not sure. Loki is also unpredictable around Ross, he's bitten him 3 times, though in fairness not for months now.
What doesn't make sense is that he'll play some days with Ross and take so much shit from him as we get ready for a walk, but other days and without warning he's grumbly, growly and unpredictable. He shows some odd behaviour and I read his body signals as a dog who's worried and unsure of himself, with similar ear carriage and a concerned uncomfortable expression, as he was in this photo when I was ill.  So maybe that unsure puppy is still in there somewhere and when he finds himself in a position that worries him he hasn't got the strength of character to deal with it. It can't have helped his development that Mikey died and left him with a harem of bitches when he was far too young for the challenge, and I'm not sure Asha "bigging him up" was helpful at the time either.
Anyway, plod on and hopeful the more mature he gets the more comfortable and confidence he has in his own skin.


Lin said...

Oh Loki don't worry your halo will soon be back, interesting to read about him he really is a gentle soul that yes sometimes a bit unsure of himself maybe as he matures more that will go x

ian turner said...

its not like loki to let his halo slip yes i understand why your disgusted with him but maybe its something to do with kaiah in season

Tali said...

Yes Ian .. I said that in the post