Saturday, 8 September 2018

Llanfeulog Dog Show

 Ross Reserve Best In Show
Best Veteran 
Today Linda and I took Ross and Asha to a charity dog show on Anglesey. Loki came for the ride and was NOT entered or shown, actually he didn't put foot inside the hall. Though there is no rule against showing CC winners at fun shows only at KC licensed Companion and limit shows I had decided not to anyway. Even at this level of showing it's sad to hear the moaning .. "Well they shouldn't be here, he wins at champ shows!" That was directed at me or my friends who were there supporting the charity, Sad!!
Anyway Ross won Junior and was RBIS and Asha was Best Veteran In Show. I was delighted as my main reason for going was for Asha. Her cries as she's left behind on a dog show day really get to me. Only fair she has a day out!
After the pedigree classes whilst the judge had lunch we decided to go for a walk before intending to go back in to support the novelty classes. The dogs had other ideas and we did not go back in, I doubt we would have been welcome! Not just dirty but so smelly!
Anyway on the way home we stopped at Afon Seiont to get all the muck off the dogs. So it's just my hands that smell now, no matter what I do I can't get rid of the smell.
 Oh no - but too late to shout
 Dirty smelly show dogs
Clean now

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Lin said...

Well done Ross and Asha you both looked stunning and what a girl Asha is, she flew round like a youngster. A wonderful day which could have been spoilt by a stupid comment