Thursday, 13 September 2018

Tia Cat

My nasty bastard cat is not doing too well. She has been struggling with her digestive system for a couple of years and a visit to the vet always buys us a few more months.
Tia has never been a chunky cat and has looked like a corpse for years, but recently she looks even thinner and to be honest it goes through me to touch her. Not that I do often anyway as she bites me/us. When she was last weighed she was 3.2kg ..I know Jamie is over weight but he is 6.7kg. Opposite ends of the spectrum and I honestly think she'll weigh less now.
Thankfully Tia's usual symptoms have not returned but her appetite for cat food is decreasing beyond belief. She's hardly eaten for days really .. well cat food anyway. I did try and hang on for a few days, but this is not an awkward puppy this is an old cat with issues, so I'm quite happy to share the contents of the fridge with her and she's quite happy to eat it! But of course there lies another problem, I have to be careful what I give her as I don't want the chronic diarrhea to start again, I doubt she would survive it this time. So I guess White fish, Chicken and maybe turkey and not the usual pilchards in tomato sauce!
I guess quality of life is paramount now, Tia still goes out, not often but she does, she still loves her fire and is as grumpy as ever, so nothing there has changed really. I guess for now it's every day as it comes ... we'll plod on ...
As I've said before she may be a nasty bastard, but she's our nasty bastard!

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Lin said...

She's one hell of a girl such an attitude maybe not a cuddly girl but still a lovely one x