Friday, 14 September 2018

We All Did Get Out

But I left the camera in the bag until I could resist no more. 
 The Stand Off!
Can you see them? One on each edge of the photo 
I Zoomed in ....
Photo are a little blurred because of the distance they were take from and Ross took his eyes off Kaiah for a second as I took the photo. With neither breaking the stand off, in the end Loki and I got fed up and walked away, they soon caught up! 
 I would never have believed that as a 50 year old woman I'd be on my hands and knees in boggy grass with my arm elbow deep in cold dirty water looking for a kong. So pleased there was no one there with a camera!


Lin said...

Kaiah and Ross are so funny pics are great and pity I wasn't there with the camera ha ha ha

ian turner said...

you have to laugh with the too little once i bet you have so much fun with them