Sunday, 2 September 2018


I'd love to write an honest heartfelt post about how I feel about yesterday, but with the spy still visiting the camp and carrying tales out of school sadly I have to be more diplomatic.
City Of Birmingham Championship show, our last Champ show of the year and we sure did come out with a bang. Loki won a nice limit dog class and came away with the RCC. A huge accolade and I should be over the moon, but I can't help but feel disappointment as in my opinion, and the opinion of many others, of the line up of dogs available for top honors he should have received the CC. I will not be slating the winning male, he is someones dog and hopefully a much loved pet ... but I just don't get it?
Ross had me in tears, I have always felt he was being overlooked and I didn't understand why. Well yesterday my young man made sure he was not going to be overlooked. He won Junior Dog and then in the challenge won Best Junior. I honestly almost cried. To see that maybe I haven't just got rose tinted glasses on actually meant something, I can only hope that for Ross it will only get better ... Sadly nothing in the group, but I was proud that he was there!!!
Again I feel Kaiah was robbed of her first place. Like in Loki's case, and again this is my opinion, there where better bitches behind her than in front of her. In Sarah's hands she always gives of her best. Sarah has always laid the law down with Kaiah and I think there is mutual respect. So many other people have tried to handle her, but no one get her to show herself off like Sarah can.
I don't want anyone to think that I think my dogs should always win, I don't. Sammi was 4th out of 4, and no doubts that was the correct position for her. She didn't put a foot wrong but with her coat blowing she didn't look her best in a class of quality bitches.
I try and be honest. I'm happy for them not to win when they shouldn't win, that's why I'm disappointed when a dog of obvious lesser qualities is placed in front of them. A dog should be a dog, masculine and strong, and a bitch should look the part but be obviously feminine, but if push comes to shove I'd sooner see a masculine bitch than a feminine dog, Enough said!

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Lin said...

What a fantastic day you had they all did you proud and all looked stunning even Sammi without her coat xx