Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Action Shots

Apart from getting a decent photo with Kaiah in it I guess the hardest shots to get are the action shots. As you can see above Kaiah moving at the crucial time often ruins an otherwise great photo.  Seconds later and she was gone! I can put her back over and over but it often upsets the boys and they then have quarter to two ears so often I let the moment pass. For her training purposes I shouldn't I know but to be fair to the boys and for my sanity, sometimes, just sometimes I give up!
The action shots are hard to get as the dogs run in opposite directions or as if often the case are running in front of me. It's funny when I post photos on Facebook the "posing" pictures get far more reaction than the action shots. But really, they are quite easy, pick a spot .. sit, down, stand ... Wait ...put Kaiah back on her walk ..  take the photo .. The action shots are difficult to get unless you have the camera set on continuous shot, which I don't as that would drive me daft when I got home...all that editing/deleting.  I stick mostly to the action freeze setting as then if there is movement there is no blurring as there is on automatic settings. The only fault with action freeze is that it needs good lighting and is no good, say for instance on woodland walks. Basically when I get a good action shot I'm usually quite proud as it's a one off, and usually luck!
At indoor shows I use a party/indoor setting, which is pretty good as long as there is no movement, movement becomes a blur indoors. You could use an automatic setting with a flash, but that I feel is unfair on dogs showing. Maybe one day I can afford a top notch camera which will capture all our memories crystal clear .. for now though I'm quite happy with what I've got!

Two of yesterday's action shots - not too bad are they! 

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Lin said...

Love these pics and they are so clear