Wednesday, 5 September 2018

More Nico Babies?

I've had a stud enquiry for Nico today. The bitch is in North Wales and I know her breeder and breeding, on paper her breeding would be just ideal to put to Nico. She's a sable which excites me and her health tests are spot on, the COF from the mating would be 2.3% which is below the annual average inbreeding coefficient for the German Shepherd. It all sounds great ... but I've had to say no. Why? She's just 16 months old. I do hope her owners will accept what I've said and won't just go out and use another dog from a less scrupulous owner. Whether they use Nico or not for the sake of the bitch I hope they wait, but OMG a future sable Nico pup, now that would tempt me.

***Edit to add - the owner has replied and said she will wait. Here's hoping then. ***


Lin said...

Glad they are going to wait and really hope they still want Nico x

ian turner said...

exciting times ahead cross fingers they will wait