Sunday, 9 September 2018

I Forgot

 Whilst standing in this line up of the junior class yesterday the lady in front made some very strange remarks to her dog. She reassured it that the "GSD" (at least she didn't call him by the "A" word) would not get near him, she would keep him safe from the monster standing that close behind him. Poor Ross didn't put a foot out of place all day .. why would he be interested in her rat on a rope? Oops I fear I have just lowered myself to the same standard!! 
 The same lady looked on in horror as Asha bounced around the car park, I assured her that Asha loved small dogs .. she always has but I think my comments fell on deaf ears. Why is it always the GSD at blame, they give a faultless performance and don't put a foot wrong all day, but still they are accused when they do nothing wrong. 
 Well almost nothing wrong. 
Ross was disappointed he wasn't going back into the show for part 2 and look at the state of Asha!
Beautiful headshot of Loki taken by Bethan outside the show yesterday. 

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Lin said...

It's usually the little dogs that have a go at the larger dogs and not the other way round, love the mud pics and the one of Loki is stunning