Thursday, 2 January 2020

A Feline Weigh In... Updated

I wondered if Jamie had lost a little weight recently and decided to weigh him last night .. 6.2 kg -hmm yes so 5g off from the heaviest he's been and 3g less than the last time I weighed him. As I was doing him I did the others that were hanging about too. Perry was 3.8kg, Luther was 4.2kg and Junior is still only 3.4kg. R Junior never seems to put weight on ... bless him. Choo and Isla had gone out but from looking at them I'd say they are both heavier than Junior .. maybe about 4kg. If I remember tonight I'll do them.
Just took this photo of Jamie now. I have to say the quality of the photos from this phone is wonderful. I'm really chuffed, the only thing that let's it down is that there is no optical zoom. I doubt that is possible with a phone anyway, and if it is then it's out of my reach. I can't believe I'm saving £8 a month now on the phone and seem to have a much better model, well without doubt a much better camera on it! I can't see I'll need to carry the camera with me that much now .. but of course I will and already have missed opportunities to get photos in the distance .. Ah well can't get it all ways!
3/1/20 - Jimmy Choo is 4.5 Kg and Isla 3.5kg. I though she would be heavier - I guess it's all hair! Weird how they all get the same food but such variation in weight, I would like a little more on Junior but he's always been tall and slim like someone else has always been shorter and dumpy!!!! Ooops!

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Lin said...

Love this pic of Jamie and your phones camera looks bloody good