Saturday, 11 January 2020

Talysarn Lake

With Gales set for the day the older crew had a quick whizz around the field, but I still braved the weather and took the youngsters out. Steve dropped us off at Talysarn lake and went to the Aquarium shop in Penygroes. We had a good 30 mins of fun and a very enjoyable walk, there were a couple of other people about but they were far enough away for us to enjoy our walk in peace. I feel so much better for going and now we have 14 more fish .. tiny little things, lets hope the big guy doesn't eat them. 
The new yellow coat has passed it's first test with flying colours, and with wellies on yes I too had to stand in the lake!

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Lin said...

Wonderful pics and it's so lovely there and glad you kept dry this time x