Wednesday, 1 January 2020

New Years Day

Well the year started pretty much in the same vain as the last one ended. Lack of sleep followed by disappointment, emotion and cat sick. With a sunny, still and mild morning the walks were exactly what I expected, people everywhere, but to be fair the dogs were faultless and stayed on track. I guess the crowds will soon be back at work and when the wind and rain returns we'll have it all to ourselves again!
My plans with Sammi now have to be subject to change. Looking back at this post from a year ago brings concern on timing. 
Kaiah is the priority and if  Sammi continues like this for another month or more then I have to cancel my plans for her. I swear my heart is breaking and nothing can be done to change it, it simply is no one's fault, nature at it's most frustrating! 
I would have loved company to walk today, someone to listen and maybe give me their thoughts, another persons opinion to consider. (Steve says I always listen to advice and end up doing my own thing anyway!)  I did have two invitations to go walking, but one was too far to consider as the dogs left at home would not get out, and the other meant just taking boys. I'd love to go but leaving Kaiah without a walk, well it's just not worth the hassle. If you want peace in the afternoon and evening these guys need their walk, they ask very little of us really but a walk is high on the priority list. I could go again in the afternoon, but sadly my lack of stamina denies me a fourth walk.
The green eyed monster has been on my mind again, maybe just my paranoia but her reply to a post had me thinking "She means me!" For peace sake I have made every effort over Xmas and New Year to post the relevant niceties in the right places, but of course my efforts have not been reciprocate.  Someone else is also acting strangely, no comments, no chat, no feedback. For the life of me I can't think I've done anything, but I have a suspicion of what is behind the silence. All I can say ho her is if you want to know what I know then talk to me. 
I've heard a friend of years gone by is quite poorly. I've been getting information and feedback from her x partner. But I gather someone else think I should be dropping everything and going over there. Well of course I still care for the person, why would I not? We didn't fall out or anything, our lives just drifted off on different paths .. that's the way it goes isn't it. Some people come in to our lives, stay for a while and move on .. some of the buggers just stay there forever .. Haha. No seriously I think this person still thinks we are living in a 20 year old idyllic video .. sadly life moves on and I don't want to be harassed by a drunken individual in the evenings. 
I think the point of my "Story" of the walk was missed by most people on Facebook yesterday. Though I finished it with Happy New Year it was really just a bit of a humorous tale of the walk past our named landmarks and of appreciating what we have around us. Ah well a couple got it .. I think! 
Happy New Year to all .. I pray in 2020 for the patter of tiny paws, lots of them!


Lin said...

Oh Rhian mother nature is really taking the piss and no wonder you feel as you do . I just hope all will finally go according to plan for you this year , you know I'm here at the end of the phone for you but so wish I was there for you on walks xx

carrie said...

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone who enjoys these posts, the information on dog health, the glorious photos of Blaniks and the incredible North Wales scenery. If nothing else Life has taught me that no~one really changes character, they might just have been good at hiding their true identity in the first place. Or being very complex creatures most people are a mixture of really good and a little strange at times. Unlike dogs which is why I love them so much ~ no moods, tantrums, off days, too busy for me days!!! What I am trying to say Rhian is, never doubt yourself, your abilities, or the friends you have brought with you on your journey. Keep on keeping on my dear friend, we love you. Cx

Tali said...

Thank you both for your kind words - means a lot.