Wednesday, 8 January 2020

A Krizzie Memory

A lovely facebook memory this morning brightened up the day. Darling Deeanna - or Krizzie to her friends. The clown in the pack, mum called her "Crazy," which was quite apt, her enthusiasm for life could only be matched by her son from the "E" litter. I suppose Kaiah is similar in her OTT attitude. Krizzie was the last bitch here to have two litters. After presenting me with 7 boys and a L.C bitch in the "E" litter I had to try again to get my S.C bitch to continue my line. (Different times) Controlling Kriz on the walk meant I had control of all the pack - until this happened of course!
Enter Blanik Frankie - Tali
This photo was taken at 21.56pm on the 8th of January 2015 - Tali was born on the 7th of January at approx 3.50pm - so she about 30 hours old in this photo. I celebrated her life and birthday on Facebook yesterday with a collage of photos and these words "I remember the day they were born ...a howling gale outside and boy after boy after boy arrived.. and then she came. The only female in a litter of nine, our Tali ... Blanik's Fun-time Frankie! Headstrong, determined and awkward till her dying day ... but my god Tali we loved you!" To be fair her awkwardness was not her failure, as frustrating as it could be it was her strength, she had the strength of character to know her own mind. She need no guidance or support, she was very much her own person.  Like Krizzie,Tali was a fantastic mother, and they both supported and promoted their daughters within the pack. I'm not saying they did not play with and support their sons, but it was in their interest and the packs interest to promote their daughters .. and it was obvious within the interaction that they always had their backs, that idea sadly was lost with Asha who only gives support to Loki!!! (But maybe he needs it for different reasons?) 
I would call "Tali come" and Tali would say "In a minute I'm doing this now!" I would scream "Tali come, " and Tali would give me a look, a look that her friends knew so well, she simply said "Feck off!" Tali did as mostly Tali wanted! 
If you are counting the puppies in the photo, then yes I can only see 8 too. The time comes up as 6.02am so they should all be there - but maybe the time is wrong, or more likely one puppy is hidden. Cajun was a very late arrival not joining us until 3.50 am on the 8th .. the first pup had been born at 10.35am on the 7th of January- the 8th at 8.15pm - we really thought she had finished then and had I gone to bed young Cajun would not have made it - he took some effort to get going and by then obviously Kriz was knackered! 


carrie said...

Aw, happy birthday darling Lady Tali. Gales when she was born, gales on her birthday.
She sure blown a storm of happiness into the Blanik lives. Cxxx

Lin said...

This was so lovely to read and remember Krizzie and Tali and this brought a smile to my face instead of a tear x