Monday, 6 January 2020

Wet And Windy

But even today I wasn't the only idiot on the mountain. I saw Bull Terrier woman, a couple legging it back to their vehicle and a guy jogging with a Collie. Us dog owners are a hardy type aren't we. I had to scream at the Collie guy to stop to give me time to put them on their leads. At the time I was a little pissed off with him but  with hindsight I thought that maybe as he was running into the wind and rain that he was looking down and not ahead .. still we exchanged a pleasant smile before going our separate ways. Looking at Nico and Sammi's ears shows just how windy it was this morning. 
I must say it wasn't the best day to discover that your Barbour coat is absolute crap. On the last walk I felt cold but it never dawned on me that my top half was wet through. My faithful yellow coat is old, worn to death but still far better - I'm considering going to Idris Morris to get another with my Xmas Money. I'll just have to wear the barbour in cold dry weather only I guess. 😒

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Lin said...

Lovely pics in crap weather and such a shame about your coat x