Tuesday, 7 January 2020

A Sad Loss

What a wave of sadness has hit the GSD community to start a year. A couple decide that they no longer want their 10 year old bitch so they throw her in a river with a huge rock tied to her. Luckily a lady risked her life to save her. Bella is recovering, she was microchipped and both the owners have been arrested, they are safer in custody I think! God help their unborn baby, I hope they don't get bored of that!
Closer to home a dear friend has lost her precious boy to Torsion. Marco was only 3 years old last week. An amazing dog, a happy, bubbly larger than life character that you couldn't help but love. Such a shock, so devastating for the owner. I cried at the news yesterday but this is her grief, her loss and we need to be respectful and supportive in the way that she requests. Loosing is painful at anytime, but to loose so young leaves it very very difficult to move on. In time I hope she is able to smile at the memories because my god he sure gave us all a lot to smile about.
Someone has already wound me up by saying they know how she feels .. er no they don't! Even if you have lost in similar circumstances you can not begin to understand what someone is going through. In my opinion grief is personal and individual to the person and their loss. Sometimes we can accept it, sometimes we can't ... I've remained haunted by some of the younger losses whist others I've grown to accept. As much as we sympathise no one can really know the pain of grief experienced by an individual at their loss.
RIP Dear Marco - You certainly will never be forgotten, you have been loved.


Lin said...

Hope they throw away the key with the evil couple that were beyond cruel with beautiful Bella, and such sad news about Marco such a wonderful boy and I feel so sorry for Jackie x

ian turner said...

It definitely won't be the same in our local shows without him I'm totally shocked and can't stop thinking about him it's so sad and I'm thinking over Jackie. RIP beautiful Marco

Carrie said...

Neither of these wonderful dogs deserved this, had read about poor Bella and felt sick to my stomach at such needless cruelty. But Marco, was stunned at the loss of such a wonderful, affectionate lad, and cannot imagine how devastated Jackie must be. As you so rightly say no~one else can ever know the pain we feel and when Glyn died I got quite upset at women who hardly knew me kept telling me they knew how I was feeling. When we lose a dog at whatever age the loss is unbearable, the gap in our homes and hearts, the constant companionship we have known, and I have memories of Marco coming to visit as a puppy and finding all my shoes and boots under daybed and dragging them all out one by one. The Freshfield dog show at Penygroes when he tried
to climb onto me from over my shoulder. I hope he is now running free at Rainbow Bridge. RIP darling boy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx