Friday, 3 January 2020

Walk Three

I needed to call into Penygroes and had to pop to Freshfields to see the Snow Bengal that has been signed over by the owners. Wow stunning, google it .. if only, but six cats is enough and he doesn't like dogs! 
Of course driving that way meant a special walk for the Young Guns. Look at the dogs .. but look at the views too.

Of course we were not the only people there .. why do hikers arrive at their destination and get dressed when they get there. Can't they get the gear on before they leave home. My god if I did that with the dogs I'd need ear muffs!!!! 


Lin said...

Stunning dogs and views and hope the cat finds his forever home x

carrie said...

I too went to Penygoes yesterday!! The Library and had decided to have a look at the new Co~Op. After initially driving past it, having a drive round the industrial estate just in case it was on there, eventually found it, near Poveys. Saw a few v small trolleys over in corner with a bicycle propped up in front of them next to a puddle. Finally got into shop to find it laid out like a warehouse with shelves from floor to ceiling which for obvious reasons were v difficult for me, and the prices were off the scale. I then understood why trolleys hidden, and nearly all customers at self service tills with one or two essentials. I must however say the staff were lovely and helpful. No I didn't take any photos:~}{

Tali said...

Carrie it's been open about a year .. have you not been to Penygroes in that time? We go there a lot as we did with the old shop, you can get great bargains there at times. I never use the self service till though ..I feel they steal people's jobs